Amazing Origami-Inspired Oru Kayak Folds Flat into a Compact Carrying Case in Minutes

If you’re squeezed for space in your tiny city apartment, chances are your beloved but bulky outdoor gear will be the first to go in the downsizing process. The folks at Oru Kayak, however, are hoping to change that with the launch of the world’s first origami-inspired flat-pack kayak. Weighing just shy of 25 pounds, the 12-foot-long lightweight and sturdy Oru Kayak folds down to a neat and compact package that can be

Walking Bicycle : Faster Than Walking, Easier Than Riding Conventional Bike

Walking Bicycle, just like its name suggests, it’s a bicycle that you move simply by walking. It works just like an elliptical bike, it’s faster and more convenient than walking. There are no English description on the official site, fortunately, Arisa Katayama’s (the project leader) willing to explain it to us. The project started five years ago when our CEO, Masayuki Katayama and a member of our executive board was discussing a

Micro-Cycle: Hubless Bike Folds Down & Fits into Backpack

Few folding bikes can boast such compact proportions (even when fully collapsed) as this umbrella-sized wonder you can sling at your side or slide into your shoulder bag. The Sada Bike bends the basic assumptions of bicycle design, but not in the same fashion as small-bike solutions. Instead of reducing the size of essential elements, which creates an awkward riding experience, Sada trades a rigid chassis and support-providing spokes for a jointed lightweight

Navigation, it’s not just for cars: Mapbox and Scoot optimize the nav system for 2 wheels

Navigation may have found its initial home in the car dashboard, but there are many different modes of transportation we use from feet to bikes to skis that can all benefit from some turn-by-turn directions. San Francisco’s scooter-sharing startup Scoot is a good case in point. It wanted to create a navigation system for its fleet of electric mopeds, but it had a few concerns. Its scooters don’t handle freeways well. Nor

Half the Bike, Double the Fun

Halfbike brings you a completely new experience. It’s a vehicle that combines running and cycling, which turns out to be remarkably exciting and fun for getting around the city. A bicycle revised both in terms of size and functionality, a new kind of personal vehicle designed with rider experience in mind. Halfbike is light, compact and simple. You stand upright and turn simply by leaning your body. The ride is

New Tilt-action Cargo Bike Brand Hits the Market

It has black and white graphic lines, a cool vintage style logo, but most of all this bicycle hopes to provide you with a new way to ride a cargo bike. The brainchild of the newly launched company Butchers and Bicycles – located in the heard of Copenhagen’s meatpacking district – the Mk1 aspires to change the game of riding a three-wheeler. They launched with bravado in their funky showroom and their promotional

IKEA To Sell Electric Bikes To Eco-Friendly Commuters [Pics]

Swedish furniture company IKEA is launching an electric bike that they’re calling the FOLKVÄNLIG because, well, why not? The company is known for being green and eco-friendly, what with their flat-packed pieces of furniture that helps reduce waste materials and their use of solar power for their buildings and even their products. The company is even reportedly planning to get 100% of the energy it uses in its stores and buildings from renewable

QTvan Mini Camper Trailer Designed For Use With Electric Scooters

  The trailer was designed by English company Environmental Transport Association, is not actually available for sale.  They claim they “developed the QTvan to highlight the estimated 220,000 people who use a mobility scooter without breakdown cover and face the prospect of a very long wait should they suffer a mechanical fault or their battery runs flat.”The £5,500 QTvan is the world’s smallest caravan and is so named because it caters to three

Urban Density and Sustainability

Urban density is the number of people living in a particular urban area and is an important aspect of how cities function. Many modern urban planners advocate higher densities because of the widely held theory that cities operate more efficiently when residents live in denser urban surroundings. However, there are mitigating factors such as higher traffic congestion when traffic thinning and parking capacity reductions are not in place. When cities

Ryno Motor Micro-Cycle is an Ideal Personal Vehicle for Urban Traffic

RYNO Motor is a micro-cycle that offers you a freedom while on the road. Yes, it’s a micro-cycle, you can easily slip between cracks of the rigid transportation system when you’re stuck or cruise the area when most people have to walk. It has some characteristics that standard motorcycle has, yet this vehicle only features one wheel, it’s not about owning the road here, it’s about sharing the pathways. Moving