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Designers Reinvent the Micro-Kitchen

The C=1m2 micro kitchen by French carpenter/designer Jean-Luc Sifferlin packs a full kitchen into a rolling 10-square-foot armoire. Any chef worth his or her salt knows that the size of one’s kitchen has nothing to do with the quality of one’s cooking. But American kitchens are generally bloated with oversize appliances and real estate-hogging layouts, more theater than laboratory, status symbols even for those who never cook. Even apartments in

130 Square Foot Micro Apartment in Paris – Big Tricks in a Tiny Place

In the days when the largest cities of the world are becoming increasingly overcrowded and the living space is getting harder and more expensive to get, the concept of micro homes and tiny-living techniques seem to have come straight from Heaven. Architects Marc Baillargeon and Julie Nabucet have developed a very cool, uncluttered and modern apartment for a student in Paris, one of Europe’s largest alpha cities. Previously a bedroom

New York City’s 14 Most Famous Micro Apartments

When micro spaces find their way into design magazines and architecture blogs, they reach a weird level of internet fame. Whether it’s because an interior transforms into a mindboggling seven rooms or because a lofted bed feels kind of like a coffin, people just can’t stop staring at miniature apartments. Here’s a look back at 14 New York City microdwellings that made the media rounds, from the immaculately designed to

Living Small In The City: With More Singles, Micro-Housing Gets Big

Back in 2012, something unusual got started in an alleyway in an already tightly developed part of northeast Washington, D.C. On an 11th-of-an-acre lot next to a cemetery, behind a block of row houses, tiny houses started to go up. And not just one little house in backyard, like you might see in many places. The builders billed this as an urban tiny house community. While the average size of

5 Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Tiny Housing

Cities and renters are starting to accept apartments that are just 350 square feet. Here’s what the future of micro-housing holds. The American dream of a household with 2.5 children, a dog, and a two-car garage is no longer the norm: people are staying single longer, having children later, and opting out of living in the suburbs in favor of moving downtown, as researchers have found. In response to these

Millennials and Micro-Units Are the Hottest New Trend Pairing

Amid the bourgeoning micro-housing movement, the Seattle Times reports its hometown is the undisputed U.S. leader, pointing toward the city’s growing supply of small homes as an affordable housing alternative. Though New Yorkers might call 200 square feet for $1000/month just a regular apartment, the sheer number of units existing and on tap in Seattle around that size for relatively lower rents, and in convenient neighborhoods such as First Hill

The Health Risks of Small Apartments

Living in tiny spaces can cause psychological problems. New York City has a housing problem. Currently, it has 1.8 million one- and two-person households, and only one million studios and one-bedroom apartments. The obvious solution seems to be to develop more small residential units. But how small is too small? Should we allow couples to move into a space the size of a suburban closet? Can a parent and child

Inside Treehouse & Cabin Turn Brooklyn Loft Into Two-Bedroom Space

When confronted with a large open loft space, one’s initial reaction may be to use walls or dividers to divvy up the space. Not so for architects Deborah and Terri Chiao of New York and Philadelphia-based design and research collaborative Katz Chiao. The pair eschewed the wall and turned a residential loft in Brooklyn into an intimate haven by building in an elevated treehouse and cabin, still leaving enough shared

Surprising New Trend in American Apartment Size

How much space do you need? Do you prefer a palace of an apartment? Or could you live in a micro unit that’s barely big enough to spin around in? Find your perfect apartment now! When it comes to apartment size in the United States, the traditional wisdom has been that bigger is better. But in different countries across the globe, tiny apartment spaces are typical. Find out how your

300-square-foot apartments in the city?

Through The New York City Depart­ment of Hous­ing Preser­va­tion and Development’s (HPD) adAPT NYC, Mayor Bloomberg just announced a com­pe­ti­tion ask­ing for archi­tects and design­ers to sub­mit their pro­pos­als for 300-square-foot mini-apartments. At this moment, the min­i­mum size of an apart­ment required by law is at least 400 square feet. adAPT NYC’s goal is to “cre­ate addi­tional choice within New York City’s hous­ing mar­ket,” since the growth rates of the one– and two-person house­hold pop­u­la­tions cur­rently exceed the