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Enjoy Some Extremely Tiny Living In These 173-Square-Foot Micro Apartments

When most people talk about decreasing the size of their carbon footprint, they think about driving less, composting more, or eating locally. What doesn’t often get considered is how much personal space we are taking up on this planet. Treehugger founder and wealthy entrepreneur Graham Hill’s sermon on “small living” lit up the TED talk circuit last year after he gave up a Seattle mansion to shack up in a

Living Small

Later this winter, a truck will pick up this prefabricated apartment from a former naval foundry in Brooklyn, carry it over the Manhattan Bridge, and deliver it to a construction site on Manhattan’s East Side. A crane will hoist the unit—and 54 others like it, along with segments of stairways and elevator shafts—into the air and stack them together, creating a nine-story building. In a city that’s seen just about

4 US Micro-Apartment Projects to Watch in 2015

In 2014, we heard a lot more talk about micro-apartments than we saw action.  Nonetheless, a few developments promise more than words in 2015.  These are the notable projects that will be completed in 2015, or have gone through approvals and construction is expected to be well underway in 2015. The Panoramic; SoMa, San Francisco   In 2012, Patrick Kennedy’s Panoramic Interests completed a 23 micro-unit project built offsite, which did

Watch a Teensy Micro-Apartment Transform Into a Five Room Suite

The 43-story De Rotterdam is Europe’s largest building. Inside, however, it’s a study in how to live inside a small space: The behemoth’s tiniest unit is only 645 square feet, yet because it’s kitted out with incredible transforming furniture, it functions like a five room apartment. The building opened earlier this year after 16 years of planning and construction, in the hometown of its architect, Rem Koolhaas. The interiors were

Future of Apartment Living?

City planners in San Francisco have proposed the idea of building hundreds of so called ‘micro apartments’ to help alleviate the problem of rising populations yet maintaining cost efficiency. These apartments will be around several hundred square feet and are aimed for single or double occupancy. The image below shows a proposed apartment which will be 220 square feet in size and makes use of a foldaway bed that turns

Micro-Apartments So Nice You’ll Wish Your Place Was This Small

This week the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco will consider amending the city’s building code to let micro-apartments become even more micro. At present, dwelling units must be a minimum of 220 square feet of living space plus bathroom, kitchen, and closet — roughly 290 square feet in all. The amendment [PDF] would reduce that minimum to 150 square feet of livable space, for a total area of 220.

Micro-apartments Can Be Both Livable and Healthy

Though incomprehensible to many people, and criticized as unhealthy by some, micro-apartments provide another tool to combat growing apartment unaffordability in the world’s most expensive cities. With creative design and proper standards, small spaces can be liveable, healthy, and more affordable. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Australia ranks as the third-least affordable country in the world. Sydney, for example, with housing prices having risen 14.3 per cent in

Micro house by Architekturbüro Scheder is raised off the ground on stilts

  This tiny two-room house, measuring just three metres wide, is raised above a grassy slope on metal legs in Hohenecken, Germany. Designed by local studio Architekturbüro Scheder, Small House sits between two buildings on the edge of a forest in Hohenecken, just outside the city of Kaiserslautern in south-west Germany. There are only two rooms inside the structure, which is 12 metres long and just 3.5 metres wide. The architects were

Prefabricated modular home delivered into the Brazilian countryside

Architecture collective MAPA of Brazil and Uruguay has built aprefabricated modular home and transported it by lorry to a picturesque spot in the countryside outside Porto Alegre (photos by Leonardo Finotti MAPA, which was formed by the merging of separate studios MAAM and StudioParalelo, built the mobile residence as the prototype for Minimod, a business creating bespoke modular structures that can be used as homes, remote hotels, pop-up shops or