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Micro Apartments Are the Future of Urban Living

To combat the growing housing crisis in major American cities, architects are designing smaller, more efficient apartments that will change the way urbanites live There’s a housing crisis in major American cities: it’s too damn expensive to live in one. In New York City, for example, there are many more single adults –representing a whopping 33 percent of the population–  living alone than there are small, affordable apartments. And there’s

MIT’s Robotic Micro-Apartment Transforms From A Single Room Into Many

Ever wish you could be getting more out of the space that you have without resorting to a murphy bed? Kent Larson, the director of MIT Media Lab‘s “Changing Places” group, Oier Ariño and Hasier Larrea have led a group of architecture students in a design project that has resulted in an 200-square-foot transformable home that includes a bedroom that “transforms to a home gym,” and a living room that

Stunning Micro-Apartments for Stylish Urban Dwellers – Flavorwire

We’re not shy about sharing our obsession with tiny houses and miniature dwellings, so when we spotted Miel Arquitectos’ design for a small-scale apartment on Dornob, we felt inspired. Micro living speaks to our desire to pare down, simplify, and create functional, beautiful spaces where we can thrive. In mega-cities like New York, your bank account depends on it. We’ve rounded up some tiny living quarters that don’t skimp on

4 US Micro-Apartment Projects to Watch in 2015

In 2014, we heard a lot more talk about micro-apartments than we saw action.  Nonetheless, a few developments promise more than words in 2015.  These are the notable projects that will be completed in 2015, or have gone through approvals and construction is expected to be well underway in 2015. The Panoramic; SoMa, San Francisco   In 2012, Patrick Kennedy’s Panoramic Interests completed a 23 micro-unit project built offsite, which did

Must Haves for the Micro-Pad

SO you’ve finally made it to the Big City, and all you can afford is a mini-apartment. Such is the situation outlined this week by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg when he announced a competition to design a building of so-called “micro-units,” no bigger than 300 square feet, presumably tailor-made for single adults, childless couples or really, really good friends. Building such a micro-pad is only half the battle, of course.

This Award-Winning Micro-Housing Design Is Inspired by Bubble Tea

A 120-square-foot nook is nobody’s dream apartment. A new housing development in Seoul built around such tiny units might, in fact, cause some folks nightmares. Yet the Songpa Micro-Housing project could totally work for people who don’t mind the prospect of living as if they were suspended in a giant vat of bubble tea. At least, I think that’s the metaphor Single Speed Design Architecture + Urbanism (SsD) was going

The Micro-Living Trend Checks Into Hotels

  Love micro-living? Try micro-vacationing. Big-city hotel rooms are about to get even smaller. Commune Hotels & Resorts, a San Francisco-based hotel group, is launching a new hotel brand that caters to guests who don’t need spacious rooms: those who want to embrace “micro-living.” Playing off the popularity of tiny house and micro-apartment living, Tommie hotels feature 160-square-foot guest rooms designed for travelers who don’t plan on spending their vacation holed

Agenda 21 Update: Why Bike Lanes and Small Apartments Are All Part Of The Plot

  After I did my roundup of the people and the groups behind the Anti-Agenda 21 movement, a commenter noted that I didn’t mention Rosa Koire of Democrats against UN Agenda 21. She claims to be a civil rights advocate, pro choice, pro gay marriage, but says Agenda 21 transcends party lines. She explains why bike lanes are a problem: Bikes. What does that have to do with it? I

New York City’s Pod Hotel Revolution: The Glamour of Staying Small

Capsule or pod hotels may have been invented in Japan, but they’re being perfected in New York City, and it’s easy to see why. For starters, small rooms translate into small prices — rooms are often around $100 — a boon in a city that has the nation’s highest average room rate in the $250 to $300 range. There is “absolutely a market in NYC of people who don’t want

Micro-Hotel Suite by Resource Furniture at Dwell on Design

The products featured in the suite will all be making their North American debuts. Transformable furniture occupies a vaunted position in the era of the tiny house movement. Since 2000, Resource Furniture has imported modular and space-saving furniture from Europe to its New York City showroom. For Dwell on Design, the company has built a 255-square-foot micro-hotel suite stocked with streamlined modern pieces. The space is outfitted with a reclining sofa-meets-queen-wall-bed