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24 Small Spaces with Wonderful Maximalist Decorating

Architectural Digest highlights the deep tone-on-tone blues in Todd Alexander Romano’s posh Upper East Side 600-square-foot studio, where the designer revels in his expansive city views and Albers tetraptych. A sleeping nook is set into a closet in this 500-square-foot Pacific Heights, San Francisco “alcove” studio over at Apartment Therapy. Interiors expert and writer Rita Konig brings a touch of the English countryside to The Selby, by way of her

A Studio Apartment that Doesn’t Feel Like a Big Bedroom

Too often, entering a studio apartment feels like entering someone’s bedroom albeit with a few pieces of daytime furniture sitting around. No matter the size of the space, the presence of a bed tends to give the impression the room is for sleeping–an impression that is tough to shake without some sort of hiding bed (wall, sofa or trundle). A few years ago, Jordan Parnasse Digital Architecture, the same guys

It’s time to order furniture for your micro apartment – Quartz

  Construction of New York City’s much-anticipated first micro apartment complex is finally underway. While the photos show how tiny the units are actually going to be, the experience of living in a space as small as 270 sq. ft. arguably depends less on its footprint and more in the accommodations that enable residents to go about their daily routines with ease and comfort, including a good place to sleep. Multi-purpose home-furniture lines have been extant since the 19th century—think

Stairway to Slumber: 13 Modern Sleeping Lofts

Until we can figure out how to actually sleep on clouds, we’ll settle for these sleeping lofts perched high above their living spaces. Tasked with transforming a 93-square-foot brick boiler room, built in 1916, into a guesthouse, architect and metalworker Christi Azevedo flexed her creative muscle. “I like the ideas of a bed as an alcove, natural light on two sides of a room, varying ceiling heights, and different levels

Ecocapsule is the egg-shaped tiny home that can go off-grid and off-pipe

Often when we show tiny homes, readers point out that designers should learn from boats, where people have been organizing small spaces forever. Now Bratislava basedNice Architects introduce the very nice and very boat-like Ecocapsule, ” a low-energy house packed into a compact form. It merges an energy efficient shape, compact volume and off-grid capabilities with the luxuries of a warm bed, running water and a hot meal.” The designers

Custom Designed & Built Midwest Tiny House

I absolutely love it when people use their creativity when designing and building their tiny houses. And this Tiny Midwest house is definitely one of those cases as you’ll notice once you take a look at the interior. From the decorations to the materials used and the choices in appliances and hardware. You can just tell that a lot of thought was put into every part of the home. Creative

Airport Upgrades Make Travelers Lives Easier

Usually airports are noisy, crowded and difficult to navigate.  People are frazzled trying to make connections or grab a sandwich before boarding.  Personal space and convenience are something you’ll get when you check-in at your destination, sometimes on the other side of the world.  The cold, hard truth is that airports are not the place you think of when you imagine comfy and convenient.  However, trends are moving in a

This Award-Winning Micro-Housing Design Is Inspired by Bubble Tea

A 120-square-foot nook is nobody’s dream apartment. A new housing development in Seoul built around such tiny units might, in fact, cause some folks nightmares. Yet the Songpa Micro-Housing project could totally work for people who don’t mind the prospect of living as if they were suspended in a giant vat of bubble tea. At least, I think that’s the metaphor Single Speed Design Architecture + Urbanism (SsD) was going

Protect Yourself From Future Housing Crises By Living Tiny

With past housing booms and crashes and the potential, if not probability, for history to repeat itself, many of us in the tiny house world understand these risks and the need to protect yourself from future housing crises by living tiny. We were recently directed by Ryan Mitchell from TheTinyLife.com to an informative article which covers housing trends, the economy and where things are headed. The author, Richard Florida, points out that another perfect

Modernist Matchbox is an off-grid micro-house in a micro-village

Last year, we took a look at Boneyard Studios, a micro-village of tiny homes that has taken shape on a once-vacant lot in the Washington DC area. We took a peek at Jay Austin’s then-unfinished 142-square-foot space, intended to become a self-sustaining, off-grid home clad in a distinctive layer of charred cedar wood (in the Japanese tradition of shou sugi ban). Austin has since completed the interiors of his Matchbox