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Small Apartment Makeover

New York is known for it’s small apartments. Luckily, a lack of space doesn’t have to cramp your style. Our clients Natasha & Rob prove that it’s possible to live well in the tiniest of spaces – 350 square feet, to be exact. All it take is a little creativity. Full of clever solutions, their teeny-tiny East Village apartment boasts a full size gourmet kitchen, a bathroom, bedroom, two closets, a washer/dryer, and a

The Freedom Room is a Low-Cost Micro Apartment Designed by Prison Inmates

The Freedom Room is a miniscule 4 x 2.7 meter space that includes a bedroom, kitchen, closet, bathroom, storage room, workspace, living room and even a gym. The low-cost micro housing module was designed with the help of inmates from an Italian prison. Built by Cibic Workshop and Comodo (Comunicare Moltiplica Doveri), the concept housing module explores the use of space, multi-functional furniture and how micro-housingcan be reinvented to improve

Big Personality, Small Apartment

We have a tendency of showcasing sleek, somewhat futuristic small apartments on this site, and while we are quite unapologetic about this, it is by no means the only aesthetic available to small space dwellers. In fact, many of our readers appreciate a more lived-in vibe to their small interiors, and we thought this 242 sq ft apartment in Manhattan’s West Village a nice example of what that can look like.

Future of Apartment Living?

City planners in San Francisco have proposed the idea of building hundreds of so called ‘micro apartments’ to help alleviate the problem of rising populations yet maintaining cost efficiency. These apartments will be around several hundred square feet and are aimed for single or double occupancy. The image below shows a proposed apartment which will be 220 square feet in size and makes use of a foldaway bed that turns

The Swiss Army Knife of homes: Teeny Parisian space measuring just 86sq ft is transformed into foldaway flat with hidden bed, bathroom, staircase and table

  A minuscule apartment, only 86 foot square, may not sound like an enticing place to live, but this particular teeny weeny flat in Paris has been transformed into an enchanting foldaway living space. Hidden behind the cupboard doors is a secret bed, wardrobe, table and chairs, bookcase, bathroom and kitchen. The flat at the top of one of Paris’s Haussmann buildings was historically a maid’s quarters but was more

10 Japanese Micro Homes That Redefine Living Small

If you listen to the architect Kengo Kuma, the craze for kyosho jutaku, that distinctly Japanese variant of the micro home, started in the thirteenth century, when the poet Kamo no Chomei penned an essay about the joys of living in a shack called An Account of My Hut. Contemporaneously speaking, though, micro homes became a thing in the 1990s, when rising real estate prices and a nagging recession spurred

Madrid micro-apartment rentals show that good design can be for everyone

There is no shortage of awesome micro-apartments floating around the web–ones with moving walls, ones with nooks featuring crazy-high-quality woodworking and the like. But many of us rent. And while we might be proponents of downsizing and have–in our own estimation at least–fairly refined design sensibilities, we have neither the inclination nor resources to invest the time and money required to transform our temporary digs in such a manner. Which

Micro-apartments Can Be Both Livable and Healthy

Though incomprehensible to many people, and criticized as unhealthy by some, micro-apartments provide another tool to combat growing apartment unaffordability in the world’s most expensive cities. With creative design and proper standards, small spaces can be liveable, healthy, and more affordable. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Australia ranks as the third-least affordable country in the world. Sydney, for example, with housing prices having risen 14.3 per cent in

86 Sq. Ft. Transforming Micro Apartment in Paris

Kitoko Studio architects in France have decided to take this old “maid room” in Paris and redesign it into a transforming 86 sq. ft. micro apartment studio. Normally spaces such as these are so small that people end up using them as storage spaces but with some smart design concepts it has been turned into a nice and affordable living space in France’s capital. Sliding doors and cabinets reveal a sleeping

182 Square Foot Micro Apartment in Seattle

  Engineer Steve Sauer has spent the last 10 years designing and perfecting a subterranean storage unit into his own 182 square foot micro apartment in Seattle. The “pico dwelling” (pico is a trillionth) manages to fit in everything one might need in a home with clever storage and custom built solutions. The idea was to stack necessary functions into layered spaces, like a bed, a video lounge with a