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Micro Apartments: 15 Inspirational Tiny Spaces

Could you live in a teeny-tiny apartment barely bigger than the living room of most suburban homes? If your answer is an automatic no, give these 15 well-designed micro apartments a gander. Architects make the most of small spaces using lofts, ultra-compact staircases, slide-outs and multipurpose furniture. You might be surprised how much you can fit into 300 square feet or less – and wait until you see how people

New York City’s 14 Most Famous Micro Apartments

When micro spaces find their way into design magazines and architecture blogs, they reach a weird level of internet fame. Whether it’s because an interior transforms into a mindboggling seven rooms or because a lofted bed feels kind of like a coffin, people just can’t stop staring at miniature apartments. Here’s a look back at 14 New York City microdwellings that made the media rounds, from the immaculately designed to

Small Bathroom Design Bathroom Marbell Flooring Sideboard Washbasin Bathtub Water Closet Shower Mirror White Wall

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9 Small-Space Solutions From Ingenious Tiny Parisian Pads

Like New York City, where teeny-tiny apartments are all too common, Paris is also filled with small residences waiting to be transformed into livable homes. In these half-a-dozen recently completed micro Parisian dwellings, ranging from 86 to 377 square feet, designers employed all kinds of small-space solutions, leaving no corner unused. We won’t be so bold as to say these abodes will appeal to everyone, but they sure all have

36 Sqm Micro Apartment Interior with Space Saving Furniture Idea

36 sqm or 390 sqf micro apartment interior completed with space saving furniture that can slide to reveal its usefulness. In this micro apartment interior, one area can transform into 3 different areas with motorized sliding storage furniture as the key. Those areas are living, workspace, and bedroom. The motorized sliding storage furniture is containing television, audio, and storage. In the daytime, a living area exists with sofa completed with

24 Small Spaces with Wonderful Maximalist Decorating

Architectural Digest highlights the deep tone-on-tone blues in Todd Alexander Romano’s posh Upper East Side 600-square-foot studio, where the designer revels in his expansive city views and Albers tetraptych. A sleeping nook is set into a closet in this 500-square-foot Pacific Heights, San Francisco “alcove” studio over at Apartment Therapy. Interiors expert and writer Rita Konig brings a touch of the English countryside to The Selby, by way of her

Pale utility unit supports mezzanine in a Berlin micro-apartment

A pine unit provides a kitchen, bathroom and mezzanine level for this tiny Berlin apartment designed by two local architects, which also features Art Deco details including a parquet door. Berlin studio Spamroom and architect John Paul Coss were asked to convert a flat measuring just 21 square metres in an early 1900s apartment block in the Berlin district of Moabit. The original layout had suffered from earlier efforts to modernise, said the architects,

Designing For Small Spaces: 3 Beautiful Micro Lofts

In design, as in life, bigger is not always better. In microlofts – urban apartments that can measure as little as 200 square feet (less than 20 square meters) – it is about what you do with the space you have rather than how much of that space there is. The three microloft designs in this post have their small size in common but each manages to create its own

5 new home trends for 2015

Think micro-appliances, the latest, greatest energy-efficiency rating, and a shorter commute. The future of home design is looking more and more efficient, compact and customized. While we aren’t quite ready to 3D-print dinner, innovation and invention are at the forefront of building industry trends. Here’s what’s happening on the front lines of home design today based on a tour of the season’s trade shows—and what it means for your house

Micro Apartments Are the Future of Urban Living

To combat the growing housing crisis in major American cities, architects are designing smaller, more efficient apartments that will change the way urbanites live There’s a housing crisis in major American cities: it’s too damn expensive to live in one. In New York City, for example, there are many more single adults –representing a whopping 33 percent of the population–  living alone than there are small, affordable apartments. And there’s