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Bleeding Edge Furniture Technology

While there’s a certain novelty about space-saving, transforming furniture–dining rooms that tuck into floors, automated, disappearing bedrooms and so on–its impact on architecture can be real and profound. It might double or triple the utility of a given room, leading to diminished real estate needs, leading to less sprawl, leading to less driving, less waste, smaller carbon footprints and a shot of mitigating the profound damage humans have done to the planet (sorry,

Think out of the box. Live within it

Modularity is DEFINITELY in. Look at Phonebloks (Google Project Ara), or even IKEA’s furniture. We are an indecisive species. Needs keep changing, wants keep changing. Design should accommodate for them. The Elements Living Cube was designed keeping in mind modularity, but also the fact that everything you need can be designed to fit into a single unified cuboidal space. The cube is designed to “creates space for things you’d like

GE teases new fleet of ‘Micro Kitchen’ appliances designed for small spaces

With the world’s population fast approaching the 7.5 billion mark, cities are becoming increasingly crowded, and thereby driving a need for smaller living spaces. For this reason, many forward-thinking designers are beginning to embrace the trend and develop appliances better suited for compact, space-efficient “micro-dwellings.” Today, GE hopped on the bandwagon. To help kick off Dwell on Design show in LA, the company has just lifted the veil on its new Micro

Kitchen Tour: An Ultra-Sleek, Ultra-Micro Kitchen

The owner of this atelier-ish apartment wanted a kitchen that was top-of-the-line, latest technology, fully functional… but that was as unobtrusive as possible. The architects originally proposed a small island with additional storage space but their design was rejected. Back to the drawing board, the architects learned that their client wasn’t kidding when he expressed the desire for a kitchen with a small footprint. The result is a gorgeous, sleek

10 Extreme Tiny Homes

Discovering a Simpler Approach “We’ve all been sold on the idea that what we want is a big house,” says Joan Grimm, co-owner/operator of Portland Alternative Designs (PAD). “But more and more people are realizing that they don’t want to work 12-hour days to be able to afford a home they never get to enjoy because they’re so busy working.”   Better Sense of Self and Community International relief worker

Furniture For Micro Apartment

Beautifully decorated 48 square meter apartment | digsdigs, This loft style apartment has only 48 square meter of total area but accommodates everything people need to live comfortably. its interior decor is elegant yet. How design 40 square meter apartment comfy | digsdigs, Cozy interior of 45 square meter apartment with pink accents: cozy apartment in barcelona: thoughtful interior design of a small 40 square meter apartment. Apartment traditional scandinavian

8 Smart Ideas for Small Bathrooms

OVAL SINK In a Lake Martin, Alabama,lake house bathroomdesigned by Bill Ingram, an oval-shaped sink by Toto is softer — more like a bowl — and gives you more counter space than a square. WASHSTAND WITH TOWEL BARS “I love this washstand from Waterworks, because I can hang wet towels without having to have towel bars everywhere,” designer Barry Dixon says of the bathroom in a Washington, D.C. row house.

The Freedom Room is a Low-Cost Micro Apartment Designed by Prison Inmates

The Freedom Room is a miniscule 4 x 2.7 meter space that includes a bedroom, kitchen, closet, bathroom, storage room, workspace, living room and even a gym. The low-cost micro housing module was designed with the help of inmates from an Italian prison. Built by Cibic Workshop and Comodo (Comunicare Moltiplica Doveri), the concept housing module explores the use of space, multi-functional furniture and how micro-housingcan be reinvented to improve

GE’s new Micro-Kitchen packs in everything plus the kitchen sink (hands-on)

By the end of this year, GE’s small-batch manufacturing site, FirstBuild, plans to meet its first challenge. The newly opened arm of GE Appliances and Local Motors on the University of Louisville campus hopes to foster innovation in a creative community of makers. FirstBuild provides resources and knowledge to ambitious inventors, both in person and online, allowing them to create prototypes of interesting products that might not otherwise have seen

36 Sqm Micro Apartment Interior with Space Saving Furniture Idea

36 sqm or 390 sqf micro apartment interior completed with space saving furniture that can slide to reveal its usefulness. In this micro apartment interior, one area can transform into 3 different areas with motorized sliding storage furniture as the key. Those areas are living, workspace, and bedroom. The motorized sliding storage furniture is containing television, audio, and storage. In the daytime, a living area exists with sofa completed with