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Micro-Apartments Head to the Midwest

Micro apartments are a recent trend in overcrowded and expensive coastal locales like San Francisco and New York, but they’ve been moving inwards to the Midwest—even though these cities have plenty of space. Des Moines is one such city with a growing market for the smaller-than-traditional spaces. Even though you can buy a three bedroom home for under $150,000, a converted office building is now a new development, complete with

It’s time to order furniture for your micro apartment – Quartz

Construction of New York City’s much-anticipated first micro apartment complex is finally underway. While the photos show how tiny the units are actually going to be, the experience of living in a space as small as 270 sq. ft. arguably depends less on its footprint and more in the accommodations that enable residents to go about their daily routines with ease and comfort, including a good place to sleep. Multi-purpose

Enjoy Some Extremely Tiny Living In These 173-Square-Foot Micro Apartments

When most people talk about decreasing the size of their carbon footprint, they think about driving less, composting more, or eating locally. What doesn’t often get considered is how much personal space we are taking up on this planet. Treehugger founder and wealthy entrepreneur Graham Hill’s sermon on “small living” lit up the TED talk circuit last year after he gave up a Seattle mansion to shack up in a

4 US Micro-Apartment Projects to Watch in 2015

In 2014, we heard a lot more talk about micro-apartments than we saw action.  Nonetheless, a few developments promise more than words in 2015.  These are the notable projects that will be completed in 2015, or have gone through approvals and construction is expected to be well underway in 2015. The Panoramic; SoMa, San Francisco   In 2012, Patrick Kennedy’s Panoramic Interests completed a 23 micro-unit project built offsite, which did

Ain’t Nothing New About Micro Housing

While tiny houses, micro-apartments and even transforming furniture may seem like recent phenomenon, the truth is quite the contrary: it’s big homes, excess space and stuff that are the new thing. People have been living in dense areas, in tight quarters with little stuff for eons. Nowhere is this more evident than in Manhattan. As strange as it sounds, there were over 600,000 more Manhattanites in 1910 than there were in 2013,

Micro-Apartments: Living in Less Than 300 Square Feet

Peter Miller is searching for the number. Not the number of days he’s lived at Seattle’s Footprint Wallingford — he just moved in the previous Saturday. And not how much he’s paying in rent — that’s $950 a month. Miller is searching for the size of his new apartment. After checking the classified ad and the lease, he realizes the square footage is nowhere to be found. “I looked at a place

Future of Apartment Living?

City planners in San Francisco have proposed the idea of building hundreds of so called ‘micro apartments’ to help alleviate the problem of rising populations yet maintaining cost efficiency. These apartments will be around several hundred square feet and are aimed for single or double occupancy. The image below shows a proposed apartment which will be 220 square feet in size and makes use of a foldaway bed that turns

Micro-Apartments in the Big City: A Trend Builds

Imagine waking in a 15-by-15-foot apartment that still manages to have everything you need. The bed collapses into the wall, and a breakfast table extends down from the back of the bed once it’s tucked away. Instead of closets, look overhead to nooks suspended from the ceiling. Company coming? Get out the stools that stack like nesting dolls in an ottoman. Micro-apartments, in some cases smaller than college dorm rooms,

Top 10 Tiniest Apartments And Their Cleverly Organized Interiors

Small apartments are always problematic in terms of interior décor. There’s just not enough space for everything you want to include there and you have to find solutions for these problems. There is no perfect solution but some of them are really clever and simple. Let’s take a look at 10 of the smallest apartments we could find and see how their owners managed to decorate them. 1. 16 sq

These Photos Of Tiny, Futuristic Japanese Apartments Show How Micro Micro-Apartments Can Be

Micro-apartments have been experiencing a renaissance of late. They represent a seemingly straightforward antidote to persistent affordable housing shortages in dense growing cities: If the rent-per-square-foot is too damn high, why not lower the number of square feet? In New York City’s headline-grabbing example, apartments from 250 to 370 square feet are being built in the first multi-unit building in Manhattan to use modular construction. New Yorkers were recently allowed