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Small english garden ideas

Garden ideas can spring up anywhere. Look at gorgeous garden photos to get some great garden ideas for your backyard.Good design is essential for small space gardens. If you have limited room to grow as many of us do in urban areas, maximising the area you can garden in and wise Design principles help achieve an attractive, appealing place to live and enjoy your garden. Here is an example of

Reinventing the Cooking Space with Micro Kitchens

Any chef would vouch that the size of the kitchen has no bearing on the quality of the cooking done inside it. Usually American kitchens are huge and swanky with multiple appliances dotted across, which modern people use rarely. Even the city apartments, smaller in size, waste a lot of space in huge stove-tops, dishwashers and other large equipment meant for larger kitchens. Here are some amazing micro kitchen designs

5:1 Apartment by MKCA is the modern revolution in micro-housing

The 5:1 Apartment by MKCA is well-designed space with exceptional fundamental abilities for living, dining, dressing, and bathing, all fitted in a compact 390 square feet of area. The elements are designed to provide spacious and manageable fitting to the room which can easily fit into New York’s small apartments. The elements include a power-driven sliding storage that can easily slide from one place to another, making day and night

How to Decorate Your Super Tiny Apartment

New Yorkers’ housing problems are not like other people’s housing problems. We don’t get to complain about a bathroom with only one sink, we’re just glad our bathroom has a sink. And where most people grumble about their dinky two-car garages, we know that our apartments are smaller than most Americans’ one-car garages. To add to that, New York apartments aren’t getting any bigger, as evidenced by the city’s new

This Award-Winning Micro-Housing Design Is Inspired by Bubble Tea

A 120-square-foot nook is nobody’s dream apartment. A new housing development in Seoul built around such tiny units might, in fact, cause some folks nightmares. Yet the Songpa Micro-Housing project could totally work for people who don’t mind the prospect of living as if they were suspended in a giant vat of bubble tea. At least, I think that’s the metaphor Single Speed Design Architecture + Urbanism (SsD) was going

New Sliding Door System Makes Small House Design Easier

I really like products like this new hardware package from Johnson Hardware. Putting in a sliding door, as opposed to a standard swinging door, saves about 14 square feet of space in a hallway or room. This product can hold a 400 lb. door and comes with all the hardware needed. Another slightly more affordable sliding door system from HomCom, the HomCom 6′ Interior Sliding Barn Door Kit. Available in

Modernist Matchbox is an off-grid micro-house in a micro-village

Last year, we took a look at Boneyard Studios, a micro-village of tiny homes that has taken shape on a once-vacant lot in the Washington DC area. We took a peek at Jay Austin’s then-unfinished 142-square-foot space, intended to become a self-sustaining, off-grid home clad in a distinctive layer of charred cedar wood (in the Japanese tradition of shou sugi ban). Austin has since completed the interiors of his Matchbox

Micro-Hotel Suite by Resource Furniture at Dwell on Design

The products featured in the suite will all be making their North American debuts. Transformable furniture occupies a vaunted position in the era of the tiny house movement. Since 2000, Resource Furniture has imported modular and space-saving furniture from Europe to its New York City showroom. For Dwell on Design, the company has built a 255-square-foot micro-hotel suite stocked with streamlined modern pieces. The space is outfitted with a reclining sofa-meets-queen-wall-bed

8 Tips for Making Your Own Micro Apartment

With all the hoopla around the adAPT NYC competition and other micro-apartments around the country, it’s clear there’s a demand for smart, small apartments. In fact, people write us daily asking if we have apartments available to rent or buy. While LifeEdited is working with development teams to get you your micro-apartments with the greatest haste (be sure to sign up for our list), many of the developments are years away.