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3D printed house constructed by 3M futureLAB

3M futureLAB, a UCLA architecture and urban design studio, has developed a 3D printed house that offers mobile and comfortable accommodation for its inhabitants. the graduate students – led by visiting professor peter ebner – worked alongside industry experts voxeljet to complete the highly detailed 2.2×2.2 meter unit. also comprising students from the university of huddersfield, the experimental micro-apartment can easily be transported and integrated within a range of different

Micro Farming in the Suburbs

Hi, it’s Marty Ware from Marty’s Garden. “Micro Farming in the Suburbs” I am a small space micro farmer from Byron Bay Australia and I run a show in YouTube all about Growing Food in Urban Places and Small Spaces. If you would like to learn more from me please subscribe to my channel as I have new videos coming every week to help you grow fresh healthy, tasty food

Small english garden ideas

Garden ideas can spring up anywhere. Look at gorgeous garden photos to get some great garden ideas for your backyard.Good design is essential for small space gardens. If you have limited room to grow as many of us do in urban areas, maximising the area you can garden in and wise Design principles help achieve an attractive, appealing place to live and enjoy your garden. Here is an example of

Baumraum puts tiny houses on a pedestal

TreeHugger loves Baumraum’s beautiful treehouses; they are often freestanding structures rather than being built in trees, but they tread lightly and they put you up among the canopy. Their latest puts two small residential units on pedestals in a “somewhat bourgeois” district of Berlin. The architects at Baumraum tell Archdaily that the project was ” conceived as an experiment and a research project for new construction and housing in tune

Micro house by Architekturbüro Scheder is raised off the ground on stilts

  This tiny two-room house, measuring just three metres wide, is raised above a grassy slope on metal legs in Hohenecken, Germany. Designed by local studio Architekturbüro Scheder, Small House sits between two buildings on the edge of a forest in Hohenecken, just outside the city of Kaiserslautern in south-west Germany. There are only two rooms inside the structure, which is 12 metres long and just 3.5 metres wide. The architects were

Charred Cabin by DRAA is a blackened timber shelter on stilts

  The clients requested a building containing the minimum essential living spaces to keep the cost of the project down. With only a 15-square-metre footprint, the cabin contains a small kitchen, bathroom and living area on the lower level and a sleeping platform above. “To fit in a budget, the activities required to fulfil within the cabin were explicitly simple: a place to eat, sleep and read for two, everything

Alpine holiday cabin by Peter Jungmann has metal feet and a beak

This asymmetric Alpine cabin by Austrian architect Peter Jungmann has been named Ufogel because its owners think it looks like a cross between a UFO and a “vogel” – the German word for bird. Located on a grassy slope in the East Tyrolian village of Nussdorf, the small shingle-clad structure is a rentable holiday home that sleeps up to four people, but contains only 45-square-metres of floor space. The building is raised


Not everyone can enjoy the luxury of a large yard. But even apartment dwellers can grow plants for food and add a little nature to their lives. CREATING VIBRANT AND useful gardens on small urban plots can be a challenge owing to limited space, shade from buildings and trees, and lead contamination. It is important to use space wisely and efficiently to boost utility and appeal. Start the process by

How to Grow Micro Greens Indoors

To grow micro greens indoors you’ll need seeds, a plastic container Photo by: Photo: Jodi Torpey While I’m waiting for the weather to decide it really is spring, I decided to plant a container of windowsill micro greens. I just had to satisfy my green thumb that’s been itching to get planting for months. Would you like to grow along with me? I’ve grown micro greens outside before, but iffy weather

Inspiring Small Garden Spaces

  Having a garden is not all about doing … one of the wonderful things about outdoor living spaces is finding a nook to sit and reflect … to observe, sip a glass of wine or grab a mug of steaming coffee and the paper … and just‘be.’ So what does your reflective space look like? Take a Seat! Whether you love formal, country charm, something modern or rustic –