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Zoku Amsterdam is a new type of hotel promoting the concept of a spacious micro-apartment for global nomads. Designed by Concrete Architectural Associates, The Zoku Loft offers a spacious experience in a room of at least 25 square meters. According to the project developers, “it provides a stylish and spatial feel due to its flexible interior with a focus on the living and working space instead of the sleeping area.”

MIT’s Robotic Micro-Apartment Transforms From A Single Room Into Many

Ever wish you could be getting more out of the space that you have without resorting to a murphy bed? Kent Larson, the director of MIT Media Lab‘s “Changing Places” group, Oier Ariño and Hasier Larrea have led a group of architecture students in a design project that has resulted in an 200-square-foot transformable home that includes a bedroom that “transforms to a home gym,” and a living room that

Drive the DistrictForget Micro Houses, Portland is All About Micro Apartments

Does the thought of no kitchen to clean sound inviting to you? How about the idea of ditching your car in favor of a bike or shedding a bunch of clutter that’s doing nothing but filling up closets and taking up space? If you’ve been thinking about downsizing, the big answer may come in a small package: the micro apartment. Topping out at no more than 300 square feet —

174-Square-Foot Residential Closets Coming To Octavia

Are you feeling trapped in your railroad-Victorian situation with four roommates you only barely like? Well, if you can just stick it out a little longer, you’ll be able to apply for the privilege of living in a 174-square-foot private shoebox all your own — with shared living and dining space — at the corner of Oak and Octavia for around $1,350 a month. It’s a new “CoLiving” development called

5 Space Maximizing Ideas from a Manhattan Micro Loft

Project by: Specht Harpman Architects Location: New York City, New York From the designers: Located at the top of a six-story brownstone on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, this apartment had a tiny footprint – just 425 square feet—over three different levels. However, the space stretched vertically for approximately 25 feet. The previous spatial arrangement was so awkward that there wasn’t even a reasonable place to locate a bed or a

The Perfect Apartment For Breaking Up

These micro-apartments can be reconfigured as tenants’ needs change. As urban populations swell and housing costs skyrocket, many big cities are changing building codes to allow tinier and tinier apartments. While cities have different ideas about what micro-housing really means (in Boston, studios can be 450 square feet; in San Francisco, they’re 220 square feet), micro-housing initiatives allow for high-density living at a relatively affordable price. The problem? Micro-housing is

Baumraum puts tiny houses on a pedestal

TreeHugger loves Baumraum’s beautiful treehouses; they are often freestanding structures rather than being built in trees, but they tread lightly and they put you up among the canopy. Their latest puts two small residential units on pedestals in a “somewhat bourgeois” district of Berlin. The architects at Baumraum tell Archdaily that the project was ” conceived as an experiment and a research project for new construction and housing in tune

Micro-apartments Can Be Both Livable and Healthy

Though incomprehensible to many people, and criticized as unhealthy by some, micro-apartments provide another tool to combat growing apartment unaffordability in the world’s most expensive cities. With creative design and proper standards, small spaces can be liveable, healthy, and more affordable. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Australia ranks as the third-least affordable country in the world. Sydney, for example, with housing prices having risen 14.3 per cent in

Paris micro-apartment stacks kitchen, bed, bath in 129 sq ft

Architect Julie Nabucet had already garnered attention for her design of a 16m2 apartment (with then-partner Marc Baillargeon), but for her most recent project she was tasked with something even more challenging: to fit the rooms of a full-sized apartment in a 129-square-foot (12 m2) flat (in the very central Montorgueil quarter). Nabucet decided to stack functions: she elevated the kitchen and rolled a bed-slash-sofa underneath (pulled out halfway, it’s

This Award-Winning Micro-Housing Design Is Inspired by Bubble Tea

A 120-square-foot nook is nobody’s dream apartment. A new housing development in Seoul built around such tiny units might, in fact, cause some folks nightmares. Yet the Songpa Micro-Housing project could totally work for people who don’t mind the prospect of living as if they were suspended in a giant vat of bubble tea. At least, I think that’s the metaphor Single Speed Design Architecture + Urbanism (SsD) was going