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Think out of the box. Live within it

Modularity is DEFINITELY in. Look at Phonebloks (Google Project Ara), or even IKEA’s furniture. We are an indecisive species. Needs keep changing, wants keep changing. Design should accommodate for them. The Elements Living Cube was designed keeping in mind modularity, but also the fact that everything you need can be designed to fit into a single unified cuboidal space. The cube is designed to “creates space for things you’d like

Kitchen Tour: An Ultra-Sleek, Ultra-Micro Kitchen

The owner of this atelier-ish apartment wanted a kitchen that was top-of-the-line, latest technology, fully functional… but that was as unobtrusive as possible. The architects originally proposed a small island with additional storage space but their design was rejected. Back to the drawing board, the architects learned that their client wasn’t kidding when he expressed the desire for a kitchen with a small footprint. The result is a gorgeous, sleek

The transforming partywall goes from full bar to intimate micro dining room

The partywall from Michael Chen Architecture PLLC is part wallflower, part party animal. A multiple personality appliance for entertaining with a few surprises up its sleeves. By day this transformer sits quietly, even elegantly in the entry to a Chelsea apartment. But after dark, lacquered panels open to reveal a full bar with integral refrigeration and tap, and storage in a louche walnut burl with integral LED lighting. A display

It’s time to order furniture for your micro apartment – Quartz

Construction of New York City’s much-anticipated first micro apartment complex is finally underway. While the photos show how tiny the units are actually going to be, the experience of living in a space as small as 270 sq. ft. arguably depends less on its footprint and more in the accommodations that enable residents to go about their daily routines with ease and comfort, including a good place to sleep. Multi-purpose

12 great small kitchen designs

Whether you live in a small apartment or a tiny house, there’s lot of great kitchen options out there. Check out these 12 cool kitchen designs.   The kitchen “Board,” designed for Snaidero by Pietro Arosio, is substantial, compact and aesthetically light without taking anything away from functionality and ergonomics. The fully-equipped workstation takes preparation, cooking and washing in its stride. Available in two different sizes (90 and 120 cm),

10 Transforming Furniture Designs Perfect for Tiny Apartments

Sharing is caring, as the old adage goes, so the Schair Chair is the perfect way to show your guests you care by turning a single seat into two. The design, by Pratt student Charlotte Kreitmann, is made of reclaimed wood and is a fitting piece for popular urban dwellers who have more friends than chairs. This wouldn’t be a proper transforming furniture article if we didn’t mention the Murphy bed, that old studio apartment mainstay. Resource Furniture has some really

Best Mini Kitchens & Kitchenettes 2011

  There’s something so appealing about the “all in one” kitchen unit — it’s like a well-oiled engine on which the whole home runs. While not always practical (high-end kitchenettes can end up costing as much or more than their full-sized counterparts) mini kitchens are at the very least inspiring in their space saving ingenuity. Here are 10 of our favorites. Dwyer This Illinois-based company makes all-in-one compact kitchens. TheTemp

Drive the DistrictForget Micro Houses, Portland is All About Micro Apartments

Does the thought of no kitchen to clean sound inviting to you? How about the idea of ditching your car in favor of a bike or shedding a bunch of clutter that’s doing nothing but filling up closets and taking up space? If you’ve been thinking about downsizing, the big answer may come in a small package: the micro apartment. Topping out at no more than 300 square feet —

Ultra-Compact Cooking: Modular Kitchen for Nomadic Singles

The average single person living alone doesn’t need an elaborate setup in the kitchen, requiring little more than a mini fridge, sink, a couple burners and some storage. So why not save some space with an ultra-compact kitchen module that contains all of the basics with the smallest footprint possible? This design is smaller than a typical kitchen island, and even features a fold-down dining surface. ‘Gali’ by designer Ana

Micro living – amazing micro-apartments

Micro apartments are becoming increasingly popular among those who are seeking affordable places to live in some of the costliest cities. Modern micro-apartments have efficient designs marked by flexible features. The secret to decorating tiny spaces and making them functional is in built-ins. That way, you reduce the clutter and make your furniture serve multiple functions. Although living in tiny spaces requires big lifestyle adjustements, remeber that micro apartments are cozy,