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Artist transforms trash into awesome tiny homes for the homeless

We’ve written previously about Gregory Kloehn, the California-based artist who turned a dumpster into a deluxe, one-room home a few years ago. The unconventional sculptor has since turned his attention to addressing the lack of shelter for the homeless in his hometown of Oakland, by building a series of customized, tiny homes for displaced individuals, all made from salvaged materials. Kloehn has dubbed this grassroots, community-oriented initiative the Homeless Homes

3D printed house constructed by 3M futureLAB

3M futureLAB, a UCLA architecture and urban design studio, has developed a 3D printed house that offers mobile and comfortable accommodation for its inhabitants. the graduate students – led by visiting professor peter ebner – worked alongside industry experts voxeljet to complete the highly detailed 2.2×2.2 meter unit. also comprising students from the university of huddersfield, the experimental micro-apartment can easily be transported and integrated within a range of different

Micro Apartments: 15 Inspirational Tiny Spaces

Could you live in a teeny-tiny apartment barely bigger than the living room of most suburban homes? If your answer is an automatic no, give these 15 well-designed micro apartments a gander. Architects make the most of small spaces using lofts, ultra-compact staircases, slide-outs and multipurpose furniture. You might be surprised how much you can fit into 300 square feet or less – and wait until you see how people

Stunning 312 square feet (29 sq meter) Micro Apartment

Sometimes it feels a bit like our homes become like fishbowls. The bigger they are, the more stuff we acquire to fill them up. But do we really need all that square footage? The team at3XA, who designed and built this micro apartment in Wroclaw, Poland would say no. At only 312 square feet (29 square meters), there is no room for mistakes, but there is plenty of room for

Designing For Super Small Spaces: 5 Micro Apartments

When it comes to designing comfortable homes when there is little square footage to work with, there are many places to look for a solution. Many designers start, understandably, with the ceiling. When you have vertical space to grow, the possibilities for design open up, from lofted beds to skylights, there are a litany of different ways to make a small space feel bigger and provide the occupant with all

New York City’s 14 Most Famous Micro Apartments

When micro spaces find their way into design magazines and architecture blogs, they reach a weird level of internet fame. Whether it’s because an interior transforms into a mindboggling seven rooms or because a lofted bed feels kind of like a coffin, people just can’t stop staring at miniature apartments. Here’s a look back at 14 New York City microdwellings that made the media rounds, from the immaculately designed to

The transforming partywall goes from full bar to intimate micro dining room

The partywall from Michael Chen Architecture PLLC is part wallflower, part party animal. A multiple personality appliance for entertaining with a few surprises up its sleeves. By day this transformer sits quietly, even elegantly in the entry to a Chelsea apartment. But after dark, lacquered panels open to reveal a full bar with integral refrigeration and tap, and storage in a louche walnut burl with integral LED lighting. A display

10 Extreme Tiny Homes

Discovering a Simpler Approach “We’ve all been sold on the idea that what we want is a big house,” says Joan Grimm, co-owner/operator of Portland Alternative Designs (PAD). “But more and more people are realizing that they don’t want to work 12-hour days to be able to afford a home they never get to enjoy because they’re so busy working.”   Better Sense of Self and Community International relief worker

160 Square Foot Micro Apartment In A Tiny Brick House

This tiny brick house in San Francisco, California has been converted into a 160 square foot small guest apartment by architect Christi Azevedo. Originally a laundry boiler room, the ground level floor space is approximately 93 sq. ft. which has a full kitchen, living room with couch and dining table. The mezzanine area has built-in walnut wardrobe and drawers, a bathroom and a glass landing leads to the sleeping loft.

Bright Modern Micro Studio Apartment In Berlin

This well-structured 21 square meter (226 sq. ft.) micro apartment in Berlin, Germany was designed by spamroom with overlapping functions both horizontally and vertically within the confines of a single room. The newly renovated apartment has a fully equipped kitchen with plenty of storage, modern appliances and white washed Maritime Pine wood cabinets. Between the entry hallway and the kitchen is a spacious bathroom with a skylight which is part