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Micro Kitchen Concept for Small Urban Dwellings

A new prototype by GE Monogram, unveiled at Dwell on Design 2014, rethinks appliance design for the small-space era. See the micro kitchen concept, plus other appliances designed for the compact kitchen of the future, here. Designed for a new wave of small urban dwellings, both for millennials and those looking to downsize, the GE Micro Kitchen concept is meant to be a “major shift” in appliance design, according to

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Let’s play a game: Guess whether the appliance in the photo above is a dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, microwave, sink, or oven. Would you believe me if I told you it was each and every one of those? Well, meet GE’s micro-kitchen, an innovative appliance designed to house all of your kitchen needs in a compact stylish unit. At first glance, the micro-kitchen looks like it came straight out of a

GE teases new fleet of ‘Micro Kitchen’ appliances designed for small spaces

With the world’s population fast approaching the 7.5 billion mark, cities are becoming increasingly crowded, and thereby driving a need for smaller living spaces. For this reason, many forward-thinking designers are beginning to embrace the trend and develop appliances better suited for compact, space-efficient “micro-dwellings.” Today, GE hopped on the bandwagon. To help kick off Dwell on Design show in LA, the company has just lifted the veil on its new Micro

Micro-Apartments Head to the Midwest

Micro apartments are a recent trend in overcrowded and expensive coastal locales like San Francisco and New York, but they’ve been moving inwards to the Midwest—even though these cities have plenty of space. Des Moines is one such city with a growing market for the smaller-than-traditional spaces. Even though you can buy a three bedroom home for under $150,000, a converted office building is now a new development, complete with

4 US Micro-Apartment Projects to Watch in 2015

In 2014, we heard a lot more talk about micro-apartments than we saw action.  Nonetheless, a few developments promise more than words in 2015.  These are the notable projects that will be completed in 2015, or have gone through approvals and construction is expected to be well underway in 2015. The Panoramic; SoMa, San Francisco In 2012, Patrick Kennedy’s Panoramic Interests completed a 23 micro-unit project built offsite, which did much

Designing For Small Spaces: 3 Beautiful Micro Lofts

In design, as in life, bigger is not always better. In microlofts – urban apartments that can measure as little as 200 square feet (less than 20 square meters) – it is about what you do with the space you have rather than how much of that space there is. The three microloft designs in this post have their small size in common but each manages to create its own


It’s become common knowledge that pallets are extremely versatile and that they can be used to make so many functional things. Lots of homes have furniture made of pallets but it’s not just about choosing this solution simply because it’s interesting and because it’s a trend. It’s also about being able to integrate the furniture into the décor and making blend in and stand out at the same time.  

5 new home trends for 2015

Think micro-appliances, the latest, greatest energy-efficiency rating, and a shorter commute. The future of home design is looking more and more efficient, compact and customized. While we aren’t quite ready to 3D-print dinner, innovation and invention are at the forefront of building industry trends. Here’s what’s happening on the front lines of home design today based on a tour of the season’s trade shows—and what it means for your house

Is This the Tiniest Kitchen in America?

Typically, a kitchen is a major part of your living space. When you need to house a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher (not mention oh-so-coveted counter space), you wind up with a pretty big room. But lately, many families have decided to downsize, and trade certain everyday conveniences for a more minimalist lifestyle (just take a look at this family of four, who decided to live in a home that’s just

Millennials and Micro-Units Are the Hottest New Trend Pairing

Amid the bourgeoning micro-housing movement, the Seattle Times reports its hometown is the undisputed U.S. leader, pointing toward the city’s growing supply of small homes as an affordable housing alternative. Though New Yorkers might call 200 square feet for $1000/month just a regular apartment, the sheer number of units existing and on tap in Seattle around that size for relatively lower rents, and in convenient neighborhoods such as First Hill